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The pages of this site will assist you in evaluating Lettimdoit’s ability to provide Your Company with comprehensive ad-agency style marketing services. From inception to completion, Lettimdoit can effectively become your single source for every need of your sales seeking campaign. 

We can all agree
that remaining Fresh and Desirable in today’s marketplace has become more serious than ever before. Your Target market Must be emotionally approached, and Your Customer Must be treated in a way that they’ll Never forget.

The Good News is that it is relatively easy to impress New Customers and keep the attention of Existing Customers. Many business owners however, are so consumed with the “day to day” that they tend to lose sight of the fundamental need to Constantly Cultivate Customers. While this may be understandable, your business will not show the same compassion; in fact, Your Business demands to be Turned On & Stay On.

The Business “Edge” always originates with the level of Creativity that drives its Image and consequently, its Brand. The Look and Feel of Your Store, Website, Business Card, Brochure and Flyer, as well as your Vehicles all demand the same attention.

These are the building blocks of Your Business Image, and the roots of “Branding”.  These public displays, and everything else associated with Your Company should be equally Exciting, Congruent, and most of all, Memorable.

Lettimdoit can create or revitalize every aspect and every detail of Your Business Image and Marketing push. We will make Your Company More Interesting and More Desirable, which will translate into Increased Sales and Greater Customer Retention.
When Your Business Image needs to be established or revamped... Let Tim do it.

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