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Simply put, Tim is a client's dream; he possesses an amazing and much-valued creative perspective balanced with intuition, logic, and experience. He strives successfully to support the industry¹s aesthetics without sacrificing his vision that always raises the bar and has a greater impact on the market.

Tim often observes things in a manner others in this field may not. He continually brings a fresh perspective to the table during brainstorming sessions, design and collateral reviews, and often plays a central role in developing many long-standing themes and direction. Tim¹s versatility shines through in his ability to work on any number of cross-media projects ranging from in-store creative design, print, web, multimedia, and video, and in some cases (as a project may dictate), any combination thereof. His unique approach to problem-solving and his consistent work ethic have been mentioned to me by others in the field on a number of occasions.

He comes to meetings armed with thought-provoking questions to generate discussion and debate and it shows in the results he gets from those meetings. In many ways, I feel that Tim has set the standard for what it takes to be an excellent go-to man for any project requiring someone with consistent creative versatility.

Paul V. Sale
Retired Creative Director/Founder, S2 Advertising
Daytona Beach, Fl

Thanks for being one of my best friends and partners. Over the years you’ve gently but relentlessly pushed me harder and further than anyone, to perform better than I could have without your nudging. You are one of those rare people, like myself, that would rather ceaselessly work to coax the last shred of possible improvement out of a project, than sleep or some other such time-wasting activity!

I look forward to many more years of collaboration as we seek to redefine and expand “the box” so the average person can have more room to play in and the exceptional person will have a greater challenge to think outside of it! Thank God we work together or I’d have to move to another planet to try and compete with you!

Don Traub
Orlando, FL, Hong Kong

To All,
No long discourse here; the name say's it all - Let Tim do it! His work speaks… screams for itself. A true talent for design, proven time and time again. I never ponder if a project is out of their scope. I just say Lettimdoit! Again I say, a total professional…

Michael Dixon
President, Audio Logic
Hollywood, FL
Nominated Retailer of the Year 2007-2008
Mobile Electronics Magazine

For those considering using Lettimdoit, let me start by saying that Tim Papadeas has been a friend and business associate of mine for over 25 years. He has assisted me in all of my endeavors from designing a Fitness Center to marketing an OSHA Safety School, and most recently, creating the image of US Mold.

His assistance has helped my Company become a leader in one of today’s fastest growing industries. His creativity and his ability to think outside the box, while never losing sight of what the public wants, is a gift that few people possess. Tim’s design and copy writing of our Website, as well as most of our printed Ad copy, has taken the response to our advertising to new heights. Lettimdoit would be an asset to any company.

Michael P. Fadell
President, US Mold, Inc.
Jupiter, FL

When Your Business Image needs to be established or revamped... Let Tim do it.

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