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Why You Need A Website -  Presents, because relative to the cost of building and maintaining a Website, the extra sales could very well be looked at as a gift. Before getting into the details of the importance of a Website, let’s begin at the rudimentary need. To accept your need of a presence on the Internet, you must first look at your Website as a Full Color Brochure. I think that we can all agree that Every business in the free world would benefit from an impressive and comprehensive Brochure that explains to a potential Customer in great detail, all of the particular benefits offered by their Company.

When comparing the cost of a Brochure and a Website, there is essentially no competition. Websites are less expensive, changes can be regularly made without having to print new brochures, and stamps are saved just by letting your customers know your Web address. Regardless of what your Company is about, You Need a Website, and if you have one already, you need to take it seriously, It’s Truth.

(Today, 2014) - According to BIA/Kelsey Research Group, nearly all consumers (97%) use the Internet when researching products or services in their local area. The Yellow Pages and Newspapers as we know them, have become antiquated reference tools.

For Local businesses as well as Global, it is vital to make the Internet your number one advertising tool. You will still continue to advertise using the traditional channels, but when you proudly add your Web Address to these ads, you have now shared all that Your Company is about for no extra cost. Now, taking out a smaller ad doesn’t limit what you have to say as it did in the past.

WebDesign - Our WebDesign division differs from most in the industry by specializing in Local results for Local business. We concentrate on creating a Website for you that is exciting and relevant. Your Website as your brochure, will describe everything that you have to offer your customer, helping them to make the decision to patronize Your Company instead of that of your competitor.

Professional Copywriting - as one of Lettimdoit’s services, gives us a clear advantage in making your Website More Compelling for Your Customer, and More Relevant, the key to a higher ranking in the Search Engines. We can go on about why you should choose Lettimdoit, but you will only know after dealing with us, or speaking to someone who has. We’re Great at what we do. - We’re Honest and Reliable. - We’re Affordable.

WWW. - Whatever the directive, we will exceed your expectations. When we make a promise, you can take it to the bank. We always return calls, and we take your project very seriously.
When Your Business Image needs to be established or revamped... Let Tim do it.

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